bushings for 5/16 shafts

What Carburetors Use These Bushings?

The ZA-01 kit can repair most carburetors with 5/16" shafts. These include:

  • Rochester Quadrajet, DualJet and Varajet
  • Rochester MonoJet and Model B, BC and BV
  • Holley 2245 and other small Holley 2 barrels
  • Carter BBD
  • many others


ZA-01 5/16" Throttle Shaft Repair Kit Bushings - Pack of 10

The ZA-01 5/16" throttle shaft repair kit comes with bushings but if your doing a lot of repair work you'll need extra bushings.

These sintered bronze oil impregnated bushings allow you to complete your projects using the ZA-01 5/16" throttle shaft repair tool.