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Owner Jerry Pasman has been rebuilding carburetors since the early 70's and found that he needed a tool that allowed the reaming of the throttle shaft and refitting with a new bushing to solve the air passage issue.

He found that air leaking by always caused improper idling and issues after a rebuild which did not address this throttle shaft problem. He decided to design the throttle body repair kit we see today, the Zako ATS Throttle Shaft Tool Kit. It's been in use for years and is the best tool on the market for this application.

Unlike old-style reaming tools, the revolutionary Zako ATS does not require precision machining skills, a drill press, complicated jigs, additional drill bits etc. The Zako ATS Throttle Shaft Tool is a one-piece, foolproof solution to installing bushings with perfect alignment, every time!

Jerry lives in Red Deer, a beautiful city in the heart of Alberta Canada and the two kits are made right here. It's a precision crafted specialty tool, consisting of a pilot shaft and fluted, fully hardened cutting blades.

The tool is used in a hand held variable speed drill (not included). The pilot part slides in to the throttle body, perfectly aligning the cutting blades for a prefect reaming operation every time.

Don't hesitate to contact us, we would like to talk with you, you'll find the kit is very easy to use and will solve your issues with the throttle body shafts.

Jerry Pasman

Alberta European Motor Works Owner and Designer of the Zato ATS Throttle Shaft Tools

All prices on www.throttleshafttools.com are in US Dollars. Products are shipped by mail from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. If you are in Canada, please visit our Canadian site at: www.throttleshaftrepair.ca

Throttle shaft repair tool with Quadrajet carb