bushings for 3/8 shaft

What Carburetors Use These Bushings?

The ZA-05 kit can repair most carburetors and throttle bodies with 3/8" shafts. These include:

  • GM TBIs
  • Carter Thermoquads
  • Holley 4-barrels (including muscle car carbs)
  • Ford (Autolite) carburetors
  • many others


Replacement Bushings for 3/8" Kit - Pack of 10

The ZA-05 3/8" throttle shaft repair kit comes with bushings but if your doing a lot of repair work you'll need extra bushings. These sintered bronze oil impregnated bushings allow you to complete your projects using the ZA-05 3/8" throttle shaft repair tool.

Throttle Body Shaft Repair

Now that Throttle Body Injection units have been around for some time, the number of high-mileage units in service is huge.

In fact, GM TBIs wear so badly around the throttle shaft that just a rebuild kit, injector cleaning, an IAC and a TPS won't cut it.

Up until now, the only solution was to throw the body out and get a new one - and those are outrageously expensive!

Now you can make customers happy, make more money and enjoy far fewer comebacks with the ZA-05 3/8" shaft repair kit.